Respironics WISP Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear Review

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By integrating performance and convenience of a nasal mask with the small simplicity of cushions, it can be said that the Wisp refined answer for sleep therapy individuals. The Wisps close cut construction and the addition of an open styled frame, it gives sleep therapy users that sense of freedom and self-reliance. Choices can be made between the two frames or both can be selected and choices can also be made between the three sizes of cushions that come with each package.


Respironics-WISP-Nasal-CPAP-Mask-and-Headgear-1There is also an enjoy the view factor that it brings. The developers of the Wisp mask made and extra effort to see to it that the mask had a stylish look, but remained a practical solution for users going through sleep therapy. The muted coloring and streamlined design of the mask, gives it a less medical but present day feel. The frame design and open styled head gear, reduces contact with the face and the need for a forehead hold, which will in turn provide a line of clear and uninterrupted vision. So for those who choose to read or watch a little television before bed can now do this with more comfort, knowing it is easier to see and there is less pressure and strap marks on the face.

There is also the option of two frames. One of them is a clear, polished silicone frame that is very flexible and lightweight. In addition, the smooth surfaces which can adjust to fit facial curves and move fluidly when turning the head. There is also the gray, soft reversible type which carries two different fabrics on either side, so the individual can pick the one that feels best to them. The silicone as well as the soft fabric frame are both reciprocative making the Wisp mask useable with any of the frames. With the amount of variations that one can make to this particular mask, it is easy to see why people find it so comfortable.


The Preferred Mask

Over time, it has been noticed that this particular CPAP mask is in high demand. It has been deemed by many sleep apnea users to be the mask of choice. Based on its many features which not just allow easy breathing, but easy fitting a lot less bulk on the face and strain on the head. According to a few patients who have tested this mask first hand, had lots of positive feedback for the device. The open field of vision was one area, positive feedback was also received on the quality of its nasal masks, the compact fit, and better quality of sleep.

Joanna Levin, Sleep Medicine Specialist

I graduated from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine a while back. My previous work station was at the HFHS. The institution is better known as the Henry Ford Health System. While there, I served diligently, working as a professional sleep consultant.

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  1. I actually love that this mask doesn’t go over the forehead. I mentioned in another comment I am very prone to headaches so any kind of pressure can set them off. This one seems like it would be good for me as well seeing as I go like to sleep on my side. I will likely need a special pillow my wife said too so I am not sinking into anything.

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