What is a CPAP Machine?

CPAP is a treatment method for people who have problems with breathing, for example, sleep apnea. This treatment method makes use of gentle air pressure for keeping the airways open. CPAP Machines are used in the CPAP treatment. CPAP Machines are similar to CPAP Masks that provide a range of existing alternatives BILevel/ BiPAP CPAP Machines, Auto Adjusting CPAP, and CPAP.

Most of the CPAP Machines offer advanced data to track the progress of therapy as well as a performance from time to time. Your health advisor can use this data for making variations in your system, such as replacing your mask, or decreasing or increasing your pressure to check if your therapy routine gets better and make sure you are receiving effective treatment.


CPAP Machine includes three primary and major parts:

  • A mask or any other gadget that fits over your mouth and nose. Straps are used to keep the mask on its positions when you wear it.
  • A tube that attaches the mask to the motor of the machine.
  • A motor that carries air into the tube

Some of the CPAP Machines often have additional features too, like heated humidifiers. CPAP Machines are rather quiet, lightweight and small. The noise produced by the machine is rhythmic and soft. CPAP is considered as the best treatment for disruptive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is very widespread disorder in people that leads to shallow breaths and pauses in breathing during the sleep. Therefore, sufficient air fails to reach the lungs.

In disruptive sleep apnea disorder, your airway is blocked or collapses while sleeping. When you attempt to breathe properly, any air that compresses past the jam can lead to loud snoring. Other people can wake up due to your snoring. The moderate pressure from CPAP Machine can stop your airway from failing or getting blocked.


CPAP Machines can also be used in the treatment of preterm Childs whose lungs have not developed completely. In this treatment method, flexible prongs are located in a babys nostrils. The CPAP Machine softly blows air into the infants nose, which supports blow up her or his lungs.

Types of CPAP Machine


This type of CPAP Machines can automatically regulate the pressure during the night. There are several advantages of an automatic CPAP Machine. It senses snoring noises, apnoeas and hypopneas, and amplifies the pressure to neutralize them. When the absolute pressure has been attained, it will be preserved for a moment. After that pressure will gradually decrease until the machine senses an occasion that will need a boost in pressure yet again. In this way, the machine carries the correct quantity of pressure continually.

Fixed Pressure

These are different from automatic machines. Fixed pressure machines don’t react to occasions but just carry air at the set pressure.


A humidifier includes moisture and warmth to the air and lessens patient aridness in the throat and nose. By developing soothe, it helps encourage patient conformity with CPAP therapy. Not all the models of CPAP Machine contain humidifiers.

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