3 Types of Cpap Masks – Explained

The number of people diagnosed with sleep apnea is increasing each day making it counted as one of the common disorders. The “sleep apnea” is a diorder that occurs mainly when a person is in a deep sleep. The disease may sound unfamiliar to many of the people out there, but the fact and records say that the disease has been among us since the very beginning unless it came in the view as a major disease.


Types of CPAP masks

Types of Cpap Masks

Types of Cpap Masks

The ever increasing demand of the mask has led into many different types and sizes allowing people to choose the best mask as per their convenience. The main types of CPAP masks include nasal, full face and etc.



The nasal pillow masks are popular among the patient because of its minimal design and easy to use feature. These are smallest masks that set on the upper lips of the user and help to blow the air through two nasal soft tubes that get inserted into the nostrils. Its light-weighted feature makes it an ideal choice for the people suffering from claustrophobia or those who are just uncomfortable with the heavy-weighted masks.


Resmed Mirage Activa Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

These masks are triangular in the shape and fit on the nose covering the adjacent part of the nose and upper lip area. The masks are popular for offering wide ranges of sizes and types so that everyone can find their ideal mask.


ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face mask

The masks cover the full parts of the nose and mouth of the user with the straps making sure that the mask lies in the right place, helping the patient to breathe properly. Those who havent gained quite a good experience with the nasal masks mainly opt for this.

However, with so many types, patients are allowed to make their own choice of the mask suiting their comfort and convenience.

How does sleep apnea occur?

The disease occurs when a person is sleeping resulting into the blockage of the air passage and last from 30 seconds to a minute and occurring as many as 30 times in an hour of sleep. After the attack, the person begins breathing normally and that comes with a heavy sound or a snort.

Types of the disorder

The disorder till date has been categorized into two type i.e. obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. The first type causes the blockage in the breathing while sleeping and after the attack, the passage of the air squeezes the block resulting into the loud noise and snort. The other type occurs when the brain fails to send the proper signal of breathing to the breathing muscles and is less common among the people.

CPAP machine- “best treatment for the Sleep Apnea”

Although many types of treatment have been invented to treat the disease the best way, CPAP machines are the best invention till date. The acronym stands for Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure and is basically a mask that allows the passage of oxygen in a proper flow while a person is asleep.

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