Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto (CPAP) Review


Revolutionary Innovation

This particular CPAP machine developed by Fisher and Paykel, has taken extracts from the many different types of CPAP machines and brought them into one totally new device, which is set to boost the patient’s comfort ratio and also give a user friendly and personalized treatment system. With their usage of ThermoSmart and SensAwake pressure technology, they have been able to re-innovate the CPAP therapy system all together, to make it a more accessible and efficient system to use for just about anyone experiencing sleep apneas. It is now seen as the ideal device for home or if there is a need to travel.

F&P_InfoGSMsm Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto

Product Features

There is a vast number of features on this particular CPAP machine that only adds to its usefulness and overall preferences among many people. There is the SenseAwake Technology for instance, which is designed specifically for user tolerance. When in an awakened state with a CPAP in use, comfort is very important seeing that there are lots who find it difficult in going back to sleep when the pressures are too high. SensAwake helps to monitor and regulate the air pressure level to sufficient standards when there is evidence of irregular breathing. So in the end, this particular feature helps the patient to stay asleep longer and wake less frequently, hence improving the effectiveness of the sleep therapy.

During normal breathing, as the air is travelling through the nasal cavities it is naturally being heated. However, CPAP therapy tends to counteract this natural heating and humidification, so in order to solve this problem the Fisher and Paykel CPAP machine was integrated with ThermoSmart Technology, which ensures that the air being sent through the heated coils in the tube to the patient, is under constant humidification despite the condition of the air in the room trying to act on the tube itself.  In addition to that, the ThermoSmart technology helps to reduce overall therapy pressures, seeing that high levels of humidity is effective in soothing and reducing swelling in the nasal passages.

Pros and Cons

p-4869-IMG__3642There is a positive and negative side to everything including this wonderful piece of equipment. Needless to say, these negatives are quite minor and fail in comparison to the positives that can be derived by using this machine.

Pros: Dishwasher safe chamber, boost feature with 21 heat settings and waterproof electronics on the inner lining.

Cons: Humidifier cannot be detached; water cannot be pre-heated, no easy way of checking water level at nights and a relatively loud motor.

In the end, it can be safely said the Fisher and Paykel CPAP machine is so far one of the best treatments to use in sleep therapy. . According to numerous reviews, people are quite pleased with this particular product and went further to say, the developers really put on their thinking caps when making this work of art.The cost is moderate, but worth the price considering what the patient will be getting, and that is definite value for money.


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