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This product is simply one of a kind!  Like many CPAP machines, the designers thought that a smaller and more simple design would attract the eye and it does!  The machine is sleek and you can’t even tell that it it a CPAP machine unless you start messing with it.  Not only does it deliver in the attraction department but it is also a powerful little machine that does its job not only sufficient, but in an excellent way.  The best news however, it the price tag!  It is the cheapest device to it the market in a very long time, at least that does its job correctly and comfortably.

Product Features

The RESmart CPAP Machine comes with many desirable features.  One of these which include  RESlex Pressure Relief.  The pressure relief is an amazing feature, new to many devices.  It was a surprise to find out that they included something like this on such a small and low end device.  It also has an auto on and off feature.  The piece of equipment is smart enough to know when and how to cut off and on by itself!  There is also a leak alert.  For many people mask leaking is a serious problem that is frustrating, especially when you don’t know about it.  This will never happen with this machine.

RESmart™ CPAP Machine Pros and Cons

Pros As said before, this machine integrates a lot of new technology has gone into making this device perfect for every user!  There are also a lot of new options.  Some of the great things include iCode™ remote advanced data, 365 days of on board memory, and even an auto altitude compensation monitor.  It even lets you know when it is going to turn off.  This device is truly amazing!

Cons Though there are a few cons to using this device, one should note that not every device is perfect.  It all about a balance between what you like and what you don’t like.  The one major complaint with this device is noise!  True, little devices do make a bit more noise.  It can be loud and irritating and can even run off your spouse.  While this may be a total deal breaker for some, it may have little effect on others.  Another complaint is that because the water tank is so small in the device, it can be a bit hard to get it in there.

The Verdict

This device is probably the cutest CPAP machine you will ever see.  It packs some serious power and it has many features that make it appealing to both the long time user and the occasional user. It even comes with a travel sized case and it is easy to tote anywhere at anytime, It doesn’t dig too deep into your pockets coming in at about two hundred dollars for a new one.  If you, and your spouse, can live with noise from the machine, then this many be the one for you.

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