CPAP Machine Uses And Side Effects

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A CPAP machine is a machine for helping in sleep apnea medical condition. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure therapy. This cpap machine is used for providing breathing support to the patients that are suffering in from this medical condition. In order to understand the uses of cpap machine, a patient must understand that what sleep apnea condition is.

In sleep apnea condition when a person go into sleep then snoring starts after some time. After this the airway between mouth and lungs collapse making it hard to breathe. As the passage of air collapses, the patients suffer in breathing. Due to this the sleep of the patient gets disrupted.

Possible Side effects of CPAP machines

Main side effect of cpap machine is the uneasiness that a patient feels. It is hard for a patient to get used to the machine. Sometimes patient feels distracted while sleeping. The unusual noise, vibrations and mask tightness affects the sleep of patient. The noncompliance in using cpap therapy is high among patients.

CPAP machine uses

Cpap machine uses come into the action when patient needs artificial breathing support for countering the sleep apnea condition. CPAP machines mainly consist of three parts. A flow generator, hose and full face mask. Before using a cpap machine make sure that all these three parts are in good condition.

Use of cpap machine is depending on the condition of the machine parts. The well maintained cpap machine is ready to use frequently without problems. The flow generator of the cpap machine is like an air pressure generator. It must be less noisy to prevent the disruption of patient sleep.

The continuous uniform ramp cpap airflow generation helps in comparability of the machine with patient. The hose of the machine must be leak proof to maintain the air pressure. The air travels through this hose to reach the face mask. While traveling through this passage the air get cold and dried. To overcome this problem the hose must be heated with the coil. Humidifiers are used to maintain the humidity in the air that is inhaled.

The mask of the cpap machine must be used after cleaning. Frequent cleaning is required to make it clean and free from various viruses. The mask is placed over the nose and mouth area. When the mask is placed on the mouth make sure it does not put extra pressure on the skin around the mouth. This can cause aberration in the skin. The use of cpap machine is based on basic understanding of the parts of cpap machine.


Use of cpap machine summary:

YoursCPAP machine must be in a clean condition before using. The air flow generators must be noise free to prevent the disturbances. The hose used between airflow generator and mask must be leak proof. Leak proof condition is necessary to maintain constant air pressure. The mask must limning must not be tight on the skin.

The use of cpap machine is for providing the air pressure maintenance in the lungs and air passage in the body. It helps to counter the blockages while breathing.

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