5 Best Cpap Masks of All Time -Listed

It is hard to treat a disease which is still unfamiliar to the majority of the population and is hard to diagnose. Yes, Sleep apnea is one such disease that has targeted many but is hard to diagnose like any other diseases. In case if you are suffering from the same and struggling hard to treat the disorder then CPAP masks are that one treatment that you would find ideal.

With the majority coming under the attack of Sleep Apnea, it has become important make people aware of the best way to treat the disease and devoid of any doubts, CPAP machines would be the best way.

What are CPAP machines?

CPAP stands for the term “Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure” and is basically a mask that is now available in different types and sizes. Although the masks are available in various types, the main motive behind the invention of these masks is done to allow the sufferers of the disorder to access to the continuous breathe while they sleep.

However, the fact can’t be ignored that each of us have diverse needs and preference and the preference are very much evident when we choose things or stuff for ourselves and this needs and preferences haven’t left out the CPAP masks too. So, below are the mentioned 5 best CPAP masks that are now available in the market and you can make your own choice based on your needs and preferences.

5 Best Cpap Masks of All Time:

Nasal Pillow Masks

As there are few options available in CPAP masks, many would find Nasal pillow masks an ideal choice, of course, based on few reasons. One of the common reasons is its minimal design and capturing the minimal area of the face. It incorporates silicon that gets inserted into the nostrils allowing the patients to have a good sleep at night. The mask is best suited for the claustrophobic and anxiety sufferers.


Another type of the same genre is respironics nasal pillow masks. It features a silicon gel style cushion and 2 optional mask frames. The mask is famous with the name of “Comfort Gel Blue”.

Nasal Masks

Nasal masks gained extreme popularity soon after it made its appearance in the market. The mask comes in the triangular shape covering the adjacent border of the nose along with the upper lips area and comes with a headgear to support the mask.

Full Face Masks

Next come in the list is the full face mask. It covers the entire nose and the mouth area with the help of the straps and make sure that the mask lies in the right place to give the patient proper flow of oxygen while he is in the sleep.

Masks, especially for her

Many companies have introduced CPAP masks, especially for the women, suiting her preferences and needs. The masks come in nasal, full nasal and full face.

However, there are many other types have been introduced, they might appear the same, but comes with little modification suiting every type of patients and their needs.


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