Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

What is it?

A new cost effective ventilation strategy for newborns has been created to help newborns that may have the disease infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS). This device is known as the Bubble CPAP. This device is needed, because some babies are born with underdeveloped lungs or respiratory diseases that require continuous treatment with CPAP therapy. Due to the fact that CPAP Therapy is very expensive, the Bubble CPAP was invented to help the parents choose an alternative cost effective and most importantly very safe method of breathing assistance for their children.


How does Continuous Positive Airway Pressure work?

The Bubble CPAP technology is composed of two pumps that provide the air pressure to the system and a water tank through which the air is pumped to control how much pressure is delivered to the patient. The Bubble CPAP also has three major components the gas source, pressure generator and the patient interface.The pressure generator indicates the pressure of the Bubble CPAP by observing the length of the tubing that is immersed in the water. The pressure is created in the bubble CPAP system, by placing distal expiratory tubing in the water tank of the system.

How Bubble Cpap Works

The gas source of the bubble system contains an oxygen blender, connected to a source of oxygen and compressed air. These two mixtures of compressed air and oxygen is used to supply an appropriate concentration of oxygen. The new blended oxygen is the circulated through corrugated tubing. The patient interface consists of nasal prongs, which are basically the nasal interface between the infant’s airway and circuit.  To prevent nasal traumas it is very important that the nasal interface is applied to the infant without air leakage while measurements are being taken.

In concluding it can be said that this particular device has a vital role to play in assisting young babies with breathing issues. It is only hoped that improvements can be made for this specific CPAP system to be even more efficient.


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