How can you choose the best BiPAP mask? That can be an intriguing question. Of course, it’s your personal decision to pick the best device.

While doing this, keep a few factors in mind: What’s your usual sleeping position and habits? How about your facial size, pressure description, and facial hair features? What’s your situation with claustrophobia? Think of these.

You can select from three types of masks: Nasal, Nasal pillow and full-face BiPAP masks.

Let’s discuss these in greater detail:

Exploring 3 Types of the Best BiPAP Masks

Unless you get the right BiPAP mask, you’ll not be comfortable with just another face mask. Before visiting the stores, do a little research. Try to find a mask that best fits your face. Let the mask fit well with your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Consider this: Are you a side-sleeper? What about your doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations?

Here’s our list of the 3 main types of BiPAP masks you may choose from:

Full Face BiPAP Mask

Full Face MaskThis is the most familiar type of BiPAP mask. It usually covers the nose and mouth. It’s considered one of the safest.  Even while tossing and turning around in bed, this mask is unlikely to fall off.

A Full-face mask is ideal for those with severe sleep apnea. This is because, for greater effectiveness, it needs higher pressure. Furthermore, since it covers both airways, it’s suitable for those who breathe through the mouth.

Compared to using a nasal or plug mask, the full face mask protects you from frequent mouth leaks. It also protects users from morning dryness issues. The downside with it is that the mask is a bit bulky. Using it, you won’t have to wear reading glasses at night.  However, if you don’t like covering half of your face for 8 hours at night, choose another mask.

Nasal Pillow BiPAP Mask

Nasal Pillow MaskThis excellent mask protects you from visual obstruction while reading or watching TV. In fact, since this type of mask will not muffle your voice; thus, you can chat freely with others while using it.

Disadvantage: While it’s easy to wear, this mask tends to slide off the face easily. Even with a little “false move” you’ll risk getting it off the face while sleeping at night. Also, with constant use, you may experience a raw feeling inside the nostrils. Hence, if you tend to move around while sleeping, choose a different mask.

Nasal BiPAP Mask

Nasal MaskIf you don’t find the nasal pillow BiPAP mask as secure as you’d prefer it, go for the nasal BiPAP mask. This mask works excellently in case you find the full face mask somewhat suffocating. Yes, this could be the best compromise.

With the nasal BiPAP mask, you won’t have the constricting feeling that usually comes when half of your face is covered. You also won’t worry about waking up at night to adjust the facial mask. Why?

Simple: The nasal BiPAP mask is designed to start at the bridge of the nose, going down to the upper lip.  In this way, it drives an indirect airflow to the airway. This makes the mask suitable for patients who require higher pressure settings with their BiPAP machine.

The nasal BiPAP mask is considered the most versatile in this category of masks. There are even brands that design masks for different facial structures. Take care, though; the nasal BiPAP mask is not ideal for those who breathe through the mouth. This is because its pressured air leads to dryness of the mouth.

What Should You Check When Selecting the Best BiPAP Mask?

While choosing the best BiPAP mask, keep the following factors in mind:

Make sure the strap is designed to hold your head in place (as you sleep). Ensure it is touching your head in a comfortable location. Also, is it easy to disconnect at night? Find out. Once you ascertain this, you won’t have to resize the mask every time you visit the restroom.

At the same time, does the mask come with replaceable cushions? Make sure (if the cushions are there) that they come in different sizes. This will give you optimal comfort regardless of the size of the head.

Choose a mask that will make you feel you’re not wearing it at all. Make sure your chosen mask offers maximum freedom of movement. Let your selected mask facilitate the best treatment for sleep apnea.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when choosing from the different types of masks, you must consider factors like facial features. At the same time, personal preference comes into play. If you want full coverage of the face, go for a full face BiPAP mask. If you prefer greater flexibility, it might be best to go for a pillow BiPAP mask or nasal BiPAP mask.

Hopefully, you’re now well prepared to pick the best BiPAP mask that caters to your needs. Why, you can now confidently head to the market in a hunt for the best BiPAP mask that will offer you excellent sleep at night.

Yes, the ball’s in your court.

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