You can get several types of masks to help you deal with your condition. Among the most common types of these are CPAP full face masks.

How are such masks used?

CPAP full face masks are typically used by people who sleep with their mouths wide open.

Our In-Depth Research, Analysis & Ranking

We will discuss the general features of CPAP full masks and the important considerations for potential mask buyers. Moreover, you will find a list of the best, top-rated models of full face masks.

Without hesitation, our top-rated models of these widely-used devices are also available here.

What informed our ranking and classification of these masks?

Well, the rankings are purely based on owner experiences and verified customer reviews. Further, our product analysis and research influenced our final decision on this ranking.

Welcome to our detailed review.


What Really Makes a Full Face Mask so Important?

Many users of the full-face mask usually complain about a limited line of sight and general poor visibility when wearing their mask.

A full face mask offers the perfect solution for this.

For instance, such a mask is usually a true hybrid.

It covers the mouth using nasal pillows that cover the nose.

The effect is the working of a full face mask that provides total visibility.

It also offers a heavy airflow delivery.

This is another hallmark of a standard full-face mask.

A full face mask can be quite comfortable.

Some of these, like the Mirage Liberty model, come with a dual-wall mouth cushion placed over the seal.

Further, they have a soft nasal pillow, well designed for each nostril.

Clearly, a full face mask is a very important device for anyone who has to deal with sleep apnea.

Without a doubt, a full face mask is the ultimate solution when other types of masks fail to fit the bill.

Structure of Full Face CPAP Mask

The general structure of the full face CPAP mask is usually as follows:


Most CPAP full face masks are made to fit perfectly over the user’s mouth and nose.

Most full face masks have five basic components. Here are they:

The frame

 This is simply the breathing apparatus.

The cushion

This is the membrane fitted around the frame. It creates a more comfortable fit for the wearer’s convenience.

The elbow port

This is a right-angle-shaped opening attached to the connective hose that leads to the generator.

The elbow port is usually longer or shorter. Actually some elbow ports may be swiveled to 360 degrees; this allows the wearer to conveniently adjust their sleep position without interfering with the hose connection.

The headgear

These are straps that secure the frame to the head of the wearer.

Headgear straps are generally located at the jaw.

They usually wrap around the back of the head, connecting at the base of the neck. Other straps may connect in the same place, wrapping neatly around the forehead.

This is commonly referred to as forehead support.

The straps are usually secured with buckles, hook and loop closures and ball-and-socket joints to ensure they are not undone during the night.

Certain models of the mask have a dial that enable the wearer to adjust in small increments; both of these straps loosen or tighten simultaneously at the turning of the dial.

The Airtight seal

This is placed over the mouth and nose. It effectively delivers air to the user.

Considerations for Full Face Mask Shoppers

What factors must you consider when comparing different CPAP full face mask brands?

Here are a few factors to put into the equation:

Ask yourself:

What kind of sleep apnea do I suffer from?

It is notable that certain people who deal with the sleep apnea problem usually respond well to treatment by the CPAP therapy. Regardless, it has also been noted that most patients with the central apnea condition generally do better with BiPAP or bi-level positive air pressure.

This is quite unlike your experience with CPAP machines. The latter delivers air at a prescribed rate. On the other hand, BiPAP machines usually deliver air at a variable rate.

This typically adjusts well to the breathing patterns of the user.

People with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea generally respond better when exposed to CPAP rather than BiPAP therapy. It is important to remember that CPAP masks are also more compatible with BiPAP machines.

Also, consider:

What is my prescribed air pressure setting?

Generally, CPAP full face masks are designed to be suitable for all air pressure settings. Nevertheless, people who require lower pressure may find nasal bridge masks to be cheaper and less invasive than full face masks.

What is my budget?

Again, you will find that CPAP full face masks are generally more costly than nasal masks. They cost at least $80. However, some choice models may be sold for just $60 or less.

This price is comparable to the cost of nasal cradle masks.

It is, however, higher than the price of nasal pillows. If you find that your budget is smaller, a nasal pillow mask might be the best option.

What sizes of CPAP Masks are available?

You can get most CPAP full face masks in three standard sizes: Small, large and medium.

Some models are offered in ‘for her’ and ‘for him’ sizes.

Keep in mind that certain full face masks come with the same headgear dimensions without regard to size. Others feature larger headgears, for larger sizes.

How Do I Secure the Headgear?

You will find that many full face mask straps come with hook-and-loop closures. These are usually found on shoes.

These closures can be easily undone and may not be adequately secure for users. Other models come with dial-adjustable buckles that loosen or tighten the jaw straps and forehead at the same time.

For some, such buckles may be too tight despite the fact that they offer a little more security.

Does the Mask Come With a Headgear?

Overall, you can get most full face masks with the essential straps. In some cases, however, the headgear is usually sold separately.

Can I Replace the Cushion?

Well, over time, cushions typically deteriorate.

They may not offer the same level of pressure relief and comfort, factoring in continuous wear.

Replacing the cushion can help If you wish to reduce irritation and enhance your comfort; the best option is to replace the cushion.

Does the Mask Offer Circular Venting?

Circular venting works to channel air away from users and their partners. This leads to fewer disruptions in sleep. This is usually possible by means of diffusers.

Does the Retailer Give a warranty?

A CPAP full face mask warranty generally extends for 90 or more days. This allows users to regularly repair or replace defective mask parts.

Note that certain retailers and manufacturers do not offer warranties for their CPAP full face masks. Also, the headgear and mask frame may come under different warranties.

Our CPAP Full Face Masks Reviews

Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask

The DreamWear full face mask is significantly different from other masks.

Yes, when compared with other full face masks available on the shelves, this one is somewhat unique.

The mask utilizes a number of bottom headgear straps which anchor the cushion into place. There are a few magnetic pins that go into the hole.

The connection is, however, a little tighter than your experience with other masks.

Under the bridge of the nose is the nasal outlet. This one tightly covers the mouth. This kind of setup enables you to breathe well through the nose or mouth.

Wearing the Mask

How do you wear the Dreamwear correctly?


Just slide it over the back of the head.

Next, take the hose connection, sliding it forward into place. Then, slide the cushion into place, tighten the sides of the Velcro straps on the head before attaching the magnetic clips.


It is ready.

The Dreamwear Features

The Dreamwear mask has some notable features. These are the cushion, bottom piece and frame. They all combine to form a unique design. These enable the user to see clearly with the mask on.

In case you are familiar with full face masks that run up to the bridge of the noise, completely blocking the field of vision, you will find this to be different.

Yes, the Dreamwear is a different cup of tea.

The mask allows you to watch the TV or read without a hassle.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face Mask

The Paykel and Forma Full Face CPAP mask comes conveniently with a headgear. It is manufactured by Fisher and Paykel.

Interestingly, this model continues with its famous, unique FlexiFit™ design.

Just like the FlexiFit™ 431 and 432 model, the Forma full face cushion perfectly fits under the chin.

For maximum stability and comfort, the cushion comes with a highly contoured silicone seal.

But there are a few significant differences.

New T-Piece Forehead

Quite unlike the previous model of the FlexiFit™ Full Face masks, the Forma full face mask features a new T-Piece forehead. This is important for providing support and extra stability.

For a trouble-free fitting, this product is designed to auto-adjust in a remarkable manner.

Moreover, the FlexiFoam cushion gives you an enhanced range of movement. This makes the Forma quite comfortable and convenient.

It Has a Silicone Seal

The foamed inner cushion is what makes this mask to fit a wide range of faces. It also promotes an optimal frame alignment. The Forma also comes with a convenient outer silicone seal.

This is great for facilitating a leak resistant surface. It also comes with soft and light features, plus an advanced contouring.

All these perfectly conforms to the face of a patient.

Versatile Frame

One of the features that make the Forma to be a most attractive product is its versatile frame. The way it is designed, it is able to fit all sizes of cushions without a hassle. It does not matter whether the size is small, large, medium or extra-large. The Forma always comes designed with the same frame size.

Further, the Forma’s glider strap makes you experience an improved cushion seal and greater freedom of movement. When you occasionally rotate your head from one side to another, this strap will perfectly distribute the points of pressure in an equal manner.

It is Latex-free

The Forma mask also reduces leak events. It is always easy to remove the mask. This prevents users from readjusting the headgear every time they take off the mask. What makes this possible is the mask’s easy release cord.

The Forma also has a great air diffuser. And it is new and advanced. This has been fixed to create an exhalation port that is quieter. In this technique, air is conveniently channeled away from the user and sleeping partne. This also minimizes the noise coming from the exhaust.

The Forma’s headgear is generally designed free of latex.

The ResMed AirFit F20 for Her

The ResMed AirFit™ F20 Full Face CPAP mask comes with a traditional low-profile, full-face cushion.

It is beautifully designed to make it easier for users to see the world around them while getting ready for bed. Indeed, you can read, watch TV, or send a text message without having to remove your mask.

Buying this product, you are likely to appreciate having the featured Quiet-Air Elbow. This makes the mask to be 89% quieter than the previous versions.

The padding on the AirFit™ F20 has an extra mask frame to enhance the user’s comfort. Yes, this makes for a much better overall experience for the user.

The ResMed AirFit F20 has no forehead support. This means it has fewer facial touchpoints. Further, it uses magnetic headgear clips.

These allow users to put it on without a problem. Moreover they can easily take it off.

Features & Benefits

  • The infinitySeal™ design offers maximum visibility and comfort.
  • It has no forehead support. This translates to fewer touchpoints.
  • The QuietAir Elbow significantly reduces the mask noise.
  • The magnetic clips and headgears are simple-to-use.
  • It gives the option of headgear sizes and multiple cushion.
  • It is well compatible with the AirTouch™ F20.
  • It offers the ‘Her Version.’

Philips Respironics Amara Full Face Mask

The Amara Full Face CPAP Mask is manufactured by the Philips Respironics Company.

The mask comes with an easy- to- use minimal design.

This makes it significantly smaller and lighter than other full face masks.

It also gives you two seal options.

The Amara’s cushion is, moreover, available in either Silicone or Gel.

Indeed, the Philips Respironics greatly expands on the mask line of the Amara Full Face by offering a silicone cushion and gel options.

The product’s headgear and lightweight frame are compatible with all types and sizes of Amara cushion.

This makes the Amara a great choice for many users of full face masks.

Key Features

  • Offers silicone cushion or gel options.
  • Comes with a dual wall seal.
  • Designed with lightweight materials.
  • It is easy clean and easy to use.
  • Comes with adjustable forehead support.
  • Features quiet exhalation ports.
  • Is flexible and compatible.

The beautiful Amara Full Face Mask is readily available in four sizes. You can get it with a silicone cushion or gel option. Both of these cushion types come with a dual wall design.

This results in a stable, comfortable seal.

If you want a more traditional option of the seal, go for the silicone cushion.

As the flowing air goes to the mask, the cushion’s thin outer silicon flap usually seals against the face. In the meantime, the inner wall helps to stabilize and support the position of the mask.

The gel cushion is characterized by a contoured fit and comfort. This is essentially what it is known for.

Moreover, the outer flap of the gel aligns quite well to the user’s face.

As a means to stabilize and support the seal, the inner wall, which is thicker, generally molds easily to the user’s face.

The ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask

Do you seek a full face mask that seals well at the nose and mouth individually?

Mirage Liberty is the answer.

This mask offers an open field vision and less skin.

It is unobtrusive and generally feels quite light on the face.

It boasts a range of 90% of users. Certainly, this mask is suitable for patients who want a good alternative to the typical full face conventional mask.

The Mirage Liberty offers all-round comfort and stability.

It comes with a highly supportive, crown-shaped headgear. This keeps the mask quite secure in place.

The product features fewer mask parts compared with other full face masks. The Mirage Liberty is generally easy to assemble, handle, and disassemble for cleaning purposes. Further, it is quite easy to put on or take off.

The latest nasal pillows and dual-wall mouth cushion with trampoline action are great for enhancing comfort and seal.

They are also not intrusive.

The supportive headgear features stabilizing elements which helps to achieve a convenient seal.

This is remarkably done without over-tightening the mask.

Key Features

  • Quiet performance: The built-in vents work to disperse air quietly and gently.
  • Less mask means more freedom.
  • The liberating design and free field of vision offers you the freedom to read, wear glasses and watch television at bedtime.
  • Less contact with skin means minimized chances of irritation.
  • Feeling light on the face, this is one of the lightest full face masks available.

The ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask

The ResMed’s Quattro™ Air Full Face Mask with headgear has been appropriately described as a real evolution in the wildly popular Quattro mask line.

The product’s minimal design is what makes it 45% lighter than its popular sister, the Mirage Quattro.

It is easily maintained since it has only four parts.

The user experiences greater comfort at the bridge of the noise due to its secure seal and highly advanced design.

Indeed, you will experience much comfort using the ReMed Quattro mask due to its lightweight cushion and frame.

Key Features

  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • It has only four parts.
  • It has a lightweight frame.
  • It features a forehead support and flex-wing.
  • It comes with a dual wall spring air design.

It can be rightly said that ease of assembly and cleaning is the chief hallmark of the Quattro Air.

The single piece, fully rotating elbow with quick release tabs are perfect for cleaning convenience.

Moreover, it is incredibly easy to snap on and off the frame of the mask.

Further, the circular vent is clearly designed to channel air away from the user and bed partner.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it.

You can get real benefits from using full face masks to deal with sleep apnea.

Do you use a nasal mask?

This means you likely enjoy greater freedom as you sleep. However, what happens when colds or allergies gradually set in?

You may find yourself unable to rest.

If you suffer congestion as a result of sickness, pollen, or some other reason, your nasal passages will, likely, get blocked.

In this state, your nasal mask may not provide adequate oxygen.

What is the solution?

Get a full face mask.

A full face mask generally allows you to get oxygen through the mouth.

Moreover, if you use a bilevel positive air pressure or BiPAP machine, you may need a facemask designed with soft gel cushion.

This offers a tight seal, preventing air leaks.

Yes, using a full face mask is a wonderful way to get the full benefits of the CPAP treatment for sleep apnea.


I graduated from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine a while back. My previous work station was at the HFHS. The institution is better known as the Henry Ford Health System. While there, I served diligently, working as a professional sleep consultant.

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