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First, keep in mind that the best CPAP masks usually come in three basic styles: Nasal masks, nasal pillow and full face masks.

Nasal masks are used to channel air to the base of the nose. Nasal pillow masks channel the air in a direct way to the nostrils. Full face masks, on their part, are used to cover the nose and mouth.

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The Different Shades of CPAP Masks

Nasal mask

A nasal mask 2 usually sits on the bridge of the nose. Generally, it either covers the entire nose or the bottom half. It is usually held in place using a four-point headgear. This is attached to the frame. However, with a nasal mask, irritations may occur where the mask sits on the bridge of the nose.

It is essential to make a comparison of the popular masks found on the market. For this, you may refer to our mask comparison table.

This will help you select the best masks according to your need.

Nasal Pillow Mask

Nasal Pillow2 CPAP masks are fantastic.

They have the ability to create a seal right at the base of the nostril. This is where the cushion usually sits. The nasal pillow mask is also the least invasive. It offers a clear field of vision. This makes it ideal for watching TV or reading. Indeed, the nasal pillow mask is a great option for men with facial hair.

There are, however, times when the solution for your troubles is not a nasal pillow.

If your prescription’s setting is a high pressure, for example, this might not be the best mask to buy. The same applies if you suffer from nasal allergies.

Remember that, at times, irritation may be felt at the nostril’s opening, on the inside and outside. In case this is the case, you should make sure to check first whether the nasal pillow is oversize. You are then free to take up the CPAP moisture therapy. This can work well until the time when your nostrils are better adjusted.

Full Face Mask

You can seal the Full Face masks around your mouth and nose with cushions. This commonly occur in triangular shape. They are generally held in place using the four-point headgear. Such masks work really well for those who breathe mainly through the nose and would wish to avoid using a chinstrap nasal mask.

The disadvantage of full face masks is that they are generally heavier and bulkier since they cover both the mouth and nose.

Quite recently, some companies that manufacture CPAP machines and masks, like Philips Respironics and ResMed, released into the market some new face masks. These provide a more enhanced field vision that can help users to accomplish much. Specific models of these masks also offer a comfortable design, besides a clear field vison.

Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Face Mask

During sleep, your mouth usually drops open. You have tried to use a chintrap and other types of nasal masks but they did not work.

You suffer from chronic allergies or sinus issues. Moreover, you find it impossible to breathe using only the nose.

Even though many people prefer full face masks, some researchers have discovered evidence suggesting that full face masks can trigger lower levels of compliance compared to using a nasal pillow mask 3 or nasal mask.

For this reason, if you tried using a full face mask, and it was not working, try switching to a nasal pillow or nasal mask. This assumes that you are using a chinstrap.

Hybrid Mask

Using the Hybrid full face mask, you can enjoy the convenience of a full face mask without much bulk.  You will discover that such a CPAP mask design comes with both the seal of nasal pillows (in the nostril openings) and a mouth seal. Moreover, hybrid masks are increasingly growing in fame and popularity due to their clear field of vision. It is, therefore, the choice of the majority.

With this mask, you do not need any support for the forehead. This is what makes the users to have a clearer vision. If you discover that your nose is not familiar with nasal pillows, there will be some signs. Until the adjustment actually wears off, you are likely to have some irritation at the nasal passage openings.

Nasal Prong Mask

Nasal Prong masks are essential for sealing and delivering air inside the nasal openings. Nasal Prong masks, essentially, are similar to nasal pillows. The difference is that the prong infiltrates a bit more against the nostril walls.

This results in a seal with pressure. The prong might also rest a bit deeper than usual inside the nostril. A nasal pillow mask, on its part, rests against the opening of the nostril, thereby creating a seal.

Further, nasal prong CPAP masks are usually held by a headgear in place. This headgear is commonly worn by the user on the top of the head. It is highly advised to use heated humidification as a means to make the therapy for sleep apnea more tolerable. Moreover, it prevents dryness.

Oral Mask

Oral CPAP masks generally use an oval cushion, sealing around the mouth and delivering air through two inlets in the mask. Between your lips and teeth rests an inside flap. A second flap also curls over the lips. This keeps the mask stable.

Such a design is recommended for users with frequent nasal congestion. Nevertheless, those without such a congestion may find that the air blown in the mouth often escapes through the nose, drying up the airway.

Total Face CPAP Mask

Total Face CPAP masks work by sealing in a large oval around the whole face. This covers the mouth, nose and eyes.

It is usually held in place by a special four-point headgear.

Choosing the Ideal CPAP Mask Fit for Your Sleeping Position

It can be quite daunting trying to choose a CPAP mask without being knowledgeable about the methods of treatment for sleep apnea.

You also need to know whether you usually sleep with the mouth open or closed.

Moreover, how exactly do you sleep?

Do you usually lie on your side? Do you lie on your back? If you think about getting a particular mask without first getting an answer to such questions, you may discover that your favorite mask is completely incompatible with your favorite sleeping position.

For your benefit, it is important to talk a little about the most common sleeping positions.

This can help you make a wise decision.

The Side Sleeper

About 41% of all adults are side sleepers. Interestingly, this seems to be the preferred position for most women.

Side sleepers apparently need a CPAP mask that requires lots of flexibility and can withstand pressure from a pillow. Moreover, it is helpful to get a mask that channels air under the nose. This should be differentiated from a mask covering the bridge of the nose.

Approximately 1/6th of people sleep like a log.

This means they sleep on their side, both arms lying on their side. Technically, log sleepers usually sleep on the side. They, must, therefore, be careful to avoid having the pillow dislodge from the mask. Moreover, Log sleepers must have a soft and flexible mask. To accommodate the CPAP mask, a log sleeper should also have a CPAP pillow.

Recommended Masks

  • AirFit P10.
  • SleepWeaver (Small cloth nasal mask).

The Yearner

Yearners also sleep like logs, but with extended-out arms, just as if they are beginning to embrace. Yearners are generally similar to logs and side sleepers. For this reason, any mask that fits either type of sleepers will, similarly work for yearners.

Recommended Mask:

  • DreamWear Full Face.
  • AirFit N20.
  • Swift FX.
  • AirFit P10.
  • SleepWeaver (small cloth nasal mask).

Soldier Sleep Position

One out of 12 people usually sleep in such a rigid style. This style is referred to as the “Soldier”.

The reason? this position mimics a soldier standing at attention. The person sleeps with the arms at the side, while lying flat on the back.


Do you know?

There is nothing worse than sleeping on your back, if you have the sleep apnea condition.


When you sleep on your back, you are essentially giving room for gravity to close the airway. This makes it more difficult for the CPAP machine to work well.

If you want to alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with sleep apnea, you must try sleeping in a different position, other than the soldier style. Otherwise, if you can’t do this, then you need to use a compatible mask.

Of course, you don’t want to have a mask with a hose connecting at the back of the head. It could simply make it impossible for you to sleep on your back.

Instead, you are much better off with a hose connection that is located on the top of the head or the front. You certainly don’t want to have any straps or buckles at the back of the head, as well.

Recommended Masks

  • DreamWear nasal mask
  • ComfortGel Full Face
  • ComfortGel nasal mask

The Freefaller

Freefallers typically sleep on their stomach, the pillow grasped with both hands. Some 5 – 7% of people sleep like a Freefaller.

Nasal pillow masks generally inflate on their own. They usually come in a smaller, more minimal design than other types of masks. You may find that most masks come with the hose connected to the front. Instead, it is best to have a mask that has the hose connected at the back or the top of the head.

Recommended Masks for Freefallers:

  • Nuance & Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow Mask.
  • DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask.

The Starfish

Starfish sleepers are those that lie on their backs, just like a soldier, while also grabbing hold of the pillow in sleep. Just one in twenty people sleep in this manner. They would, generally, use any mask that would work for the Soldier.

Recommended Masks

  • DreamWear nasal mask.
  • ComfortGel Full Face.
  • ComfortGel Nasal Mask.

CPAP Masks Ideal for the Mouth Breather

There is good news for CPAP mouth breathers.

You can get a mask that is especially targeted at mouth breathers. This one is referred to as a full face mask. It usually covers the mouth and nose. This gives users the option of breathing either through the mouth or nose.

For this reason, no user is forced to breathe through the mouth or nose. Instead, they can breathe in the normal way everyone does.

Is it any wonder that full face masks are becoming wildly popular?

Not really.

Thanks to such a wonderful and convenient option for users, the popularity of such devices is soaring every day.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that CPAP therapy can prevent or reverse the symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea. Indeed, such treatment can protect sufferers from other common health risks.  These include heart problems, brain dysfunction, and stroke.

As noted, for people who suffer from sleep apnea, undergoing consistent CPAP treatment can significantly lower the risk of stroke and similar issues.

Further, getting the right CPAP therapy, including use of the CPAP nasal mask, can result in improved sensitivity to insulin. One direct benefit of this is a significant reduction of chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Choose the best CPAP masks available in the market today to reap the full benefits of the fight against sleep apnea.

Our Top Mask Reviews

ResMed AirFit P10

One of the most widely used types of CPAP masks are nasal pillows.

The ReaMed Company is a major manufacturer of this equipment. It famously produces the AirFit P10 nasal pillows.

This model of the CPAP equipment has some significant improvements over previous models. It is best to consider the pros and cons of this product. This will help you decide whether it is the best mask for your needs.

Air Diffuser Screen Reduces Disturbance

We started by specially testing this model.

Of course the best test means using the actual equipment.

So, we went ahead and used the AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask. Consequently, we noted several admirable modifications made on this product. These modifications are new and unique to the said equipment.

One of the most notable modifications on the AirFitP10 nasal pillow mask is the new air diffuser. This is found on the front part of the mask. Keep in mind that that the exhalation port in most CPAP masks is usually disruptive. Yet it is the devise that allows air to be released, preventing the harmful accumulation of carbon dioxide.

Comparing this with a similar model like the Swift FX nasal pillow, there are some notable differences. With the Swift FX mask, when used at higher pressure, the release of air is quite forceful. This is generally not desirable because it can disturb your bed partner or even blow air into the covers.

With the AirFitP10, the story is slightly different.

This kind of disruptive air flow is dissipated using a special plastic diffuser. Of course, this can also interfere a little with the normal exhalation process. Happily, this is not a big issue.

The benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

Test Equipment with Providers

The AirFitP10 mask is clearly labeled, thus enabling a proper placement in the left and right nostrils. Moreover, the interior surface clearly notes the size specifications of the mask. Compared to the Swift FX model, the plastic pillows are also more firmly held into place.

Remember that these pillows are the ones that actually enter the nostrils. Depending on the user’s individual anatomy, this can be advantageous and even supportive.

A notable downside is that it can direct the pillows into the nostrils or nasal septum a little bit more forcefully. This can result in a sore feeling in the morning.

Be cautious.

Take your time to test the outfit with the provider before carrying it home.


The diffuser support piece might be made of hard plastic, making the equipment less flexible. You want to avoid this whenever possible.

ResMed Mirage Quattro – Full Face Mask

ResMed Mirage Quattro is specially designed for the full face mask category. Yes, when worn, this mask fits well just below the lip. This is great for anyone using high CPAP pressures.

In case you use the high CPAP pressures, and particularly these kinds of nasal pillows or nasal masks, you might feel a little uneasy because of the stronger pressure.

If you get a full face mask like the Mirage Quattro, you will quickly discover a special area that takes away the high impact of the CPAP pressure. Due to this, it feels much more comfortable and tolerable than most of its competitors.

There is, however, a downside with this product.

A Downside

In case you ae suffering from a head cold or have some kind of allergies, you may not be able to use it.


This means you must be classified as a mouth breather. In this case, you need to use a special full face mask that is most convenient.

The above equipment may, however, be useful as emergency backup.

Ask for ‘the Other Sizes’

The Mirage Quattro CPAP mask is a most beautiful product that comes in various convenient sizes. You can get it in small, large or medium sizes. Nevertheless, most of these headgear seem to come in medium size.

If you perceive that you are a smaller or larger-headed person, go ahead and request the provider for ‘the other sizes.’ They will likely interpret this to mean the alternatives to the medium size.

This is a great way to ensure that you are not charged an extra cost.

Key Features of the Mirage Quattro

The forehead cushion on the Mirage Quattro is designed to move back and forth. Indeed, there are about 24 positions to this. Compare this to the closest competitor, the Respironics Comfort Full 2.

This one has only four positions. Moreover, you will need to use both hands with it. With the Mirage Quattro, you will only use one hand. Yes, the Mirage Quattro is well designed to adjust perfectly to the face.

A second point is that the Mirage Quattro helps seal off the leaks. This is possible due to the fact that the mask tilts back and forth. The mask also helps alleviate the pressure points. In case you feel slightly uncomfortable, simply turn it around. The mask will immediately tilt and relieve the pressure points. Indeed, this is a most useful feature of the Mirage Quattro mask.

Elbow Moves 360 Degrees

With the Mirage Quattro mask, the elbow actually moves 360 degrees. This is simply fantastic. If you wish to have the tubing go over your shoulder, you can stick the CPAP tubing in, over the headboard.

In this way, you reduce the drag. Rather than tangle up in the tubing, pulling the mask over the face, the drag will be drastically reduced.

Yes, again, the Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask certainly comes highly recommended in its category.

ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask

The Mirage™ FX is essentially a nasal style CPAP mask.

It is made by ResMed and is great for treating the sleep apnea, flow limitation and snoring issues. Keep in mind that nasal style masks are generally recommended for people with a prescribed Auto CPAP or CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

The Mirage™ FX is so light that we highly recommend the use of SlimLine™ or some other ultra-lite hose tube.

In case you presently use a Mirage™ FX  and want to change your CPAP mask, make sure you check out the ResMed AirFit™ new series of nasal pillow, nasal, and full face masks.

With the Mirage™ FX mask, you can enjoy a great spring air cushion. This offers an even pressure distribution and enhanced comfort. It also offers an added softness, especially at the nasal bridge.

Ultimately this reduces the discomfort that is commonly felt in such sensitive areas.

Most CPAP users will discover that the Mirage™ FX is quite easy to live with. It is easier to clean, adjust and wear. Moreover, since this is among the lightest nasal masks available on the market, it is not likely weigh you down like some do.

Special Features & Benefits of the Mirage FX Nasal Mask

The Mirage FX nasal mask offers the perfect balance incorporating simplicity and a lightweight design. The FX is most effective and effortless. It gives exceptional comfort throughout the night.

Moreover, it has a compact, ultra-light frame. The ultra- soft headgear further promotes openness and comfort. It has only four parts which include the headgear.

Certainly, the Mirage FX makes wear and care matters to be much easier.

This is a real one-mask- fits- all product.

The mask’s versatile design is able to accommodate virtually all patients with one size. The Mirage FX is truly effortless and effective. The intuitive adjustment makes the Mirage FX easily the perfect fit for all.


I graduated from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine a while back. My previous work station was at the HFHS. The institution is better known as the Henry Ford Health System. While there, I served diligently, working as a professional sleep consultant.

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