Best CPAP Machine Buying Guide 2017 + Reviews

sleep-apnea-cpap-machineSleep apnea is a disorder that needs prompt attention. There are several approaches to bringing relief to individual s with this condition. Sometimes, a lifestyle adjustment programme might be designed for such individuals. Surgery may also be necessary to remove obstructing tissues in the airway.

A good number of times, however, the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy might be recommended. Whenever the latter is offered to a patient, it is very important have a guide which will provide useful hints in choosing a suitable CPAP machine for use.

A brief description of CPAP therapy – The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is a procedure that allows an individual with a sleep apnea disorder to have a restful sleep without snoring o experiencing interruptions due to blockages in the airway or inadequate signals from the brain to the respiratory muscles.

This obstruction occurs because the tissues around the throat become relaxed and fall backwards on the airway. This therapy, through the use of a machine, provides air at a reasonably high pressure that keeps the airway open and free of any obstructing tissues that may choke the individual during sleep. This pressurized air is delivered to the patient via a tube and a mask.

Top 3 CPAP Machines of 2017

One of the most common health conditions prevalent among people all over the world at present times is sleep apnea. It spoils the pleasure of a good night’s sleep in many of its patients. However, the sufferings can easily be alleviated through CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure), a process that should be quite well known to sleep apnea sufferers.

A very popular and prominent way of implementing this CPAP is through the use of a good CPAP machine. But the dilemma that sleep apnea patients face is which CPAP machine to choose, with so many good options present in the market nowadays.

S9 Autoset (The best all round machine) Review


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The S9 Autoset from Resmed is equipped with the latest algorithm that promises to provide you one of the best CPAP experiences you can get. This machine, housing EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) with Easy-Breathe technology, can guarantee the best in class comfort that you can expect from a high-tech CPAP machine in the present market. The unique and powerful features are what make this machine so great.  Some of these key features are

  • SlimLine Tubing Facility
  • Climate Control Mechanism
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)
  • Forced Oscillation Technique
  • Mask-fit System
  • Quietness
  • On-screen display of advanced data
  • Easy-Breathe Technology
  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Sleep Quality Index

The S9 Autoset series is able to cope with the varying necessities of air pressure based on factors like sleeping position, mouth-breathing, nasal dryness, sinus congestion and snoring throughout the night with the help of its state responsive Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT).

Its climate control technology automatically delivers optimal humidity and temperature to the mask. The advanced algorithm in the S9 aptly controls the H5i Humidifier and (optional) ClimateLine heated tubing to maintain the appropriate level of humidity while ensuring the best comfort. The device housing Easy-Breathe technology equipped with Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) enables breathing through an APAP feel more natural.

The Sleep Quality Index system allows users to monitor their therapy including usage, AHI data and mask leakage to provide daily feedback and allows for a greater compatibility of the machine with the user. The S9 Autoset houses a great set of advanced and useful features to ensure your comfort and the pleasure of usage. Overall, with a machine so good, you just can’t go wrong.

 AirSense 10 Autoset (The Best Smart CPAP Machine) Review


The AirSense 10 Autoset is a high-tech machine which is able to automatically adjust air pressure levels to fit the user’s changing needs to ensure the supply of the lowest pressure necessary for therapy.

With its effective CPAP therapy, streamlined design and the ability to offer unmatched comfort all while remaining as quiet as possible, it is definitely one of the best CPAP machines out there. Some of the highly advanced features that allow this machine to boast in its technology are highlighted below:

  • Integrated humidification
  • Connected Care
  • Auto ramp
  • Ambient Light
  • Advanced Event Detector
  • Easy Breadth Motor
  • Forward Facing Design
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief
  • Wireless Communications

The AirSense 10 Autoset houses an integrated humidifier with an optional heated tube to regulate condensation. And with the auto climate control system, the machine efficiently controls ClimateLineAir heated tube to provide optimal therapy with unparalleled comfort. The device is first of its kind to have an internal cellular modem. With this highly advanced technology, it is easy to track the overall effectiveness of the therapy.

The wireless system has made sharing data and adjusting the CPAP extremely easy. The data can be shared in real time & the machine can now be adjusted remotely by a simple phone call. The AutoRamp feature of of the device will help you fall asleep with ease by delivering low pressure. Once you fall asleep, it will automatically increase the pressure to maintain the prescribed level.

The AirSense 10 Autoset’s Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) will enhance your CPAP therapy by decreasing pressure during exhalation on a breath by breath basis. If you want connectivity and comfort combined in a travel friendly CPAP machine you should go for the AirSense 10 Autoset.


Z1 Auto CPAP Review

(The Best Machine for Travel)


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The Z1 Auto CPAP weighs only 10 ounces and is only 6.5 inches long which makes it by far the smallest and lightest CPAP machine on the market. This small device hosts all sorts of amazing features including

  • Learns and responds to your breathing
  • Adjusts itself thousands of times per night
  • Optional integrated Power Shell and Battery
  • Automatic leak compensation
  • HME humidification

With its highly advanced algorithm adjusts itself to the user’s breathing pattern and offers the optimum pressure. The additional battery pack of the device will allow you to have a good night’s rest even if you travel to a place without power. It has a built in integrated Bluetooth device which means you can track the effectiveness of the device using the Nightlog app if you are an iOS user.

The device is equipped with auto leak compensation feature. Therefore, minor air leaks can automatically be stopped. In order to give you moist and warm air while you inhale the disposable heat moisture exchanger of the machine will hygienically capture heat and moisture as you exhale. If you are looking for all the premium features of a large CPAP machine within a palm sized device that you can easily carry around for travelling then the Z1 Auto CPAP is highly recommended for you.

It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly which are the 3 best CPAP devices on the market due to variation of people’s choices and requirements. But, the S9 Autoset is the most popular CPAP for its unparalleled comfort and intuitiveness.

You can try the AirSense 10 Autoset for its advanced algorithm and versatile CPAP therapy regimen. For frequent travelers the Z1 Auto CPAP will be the best choice for its lightweight design and portability. At the end of the day, all the aforementioned devices are worthy candidates to be in the list of the top 3 CPAP machines. You’ll have to choose the device that will best serve your purpose.

Types of CPAP Machines

There are three basic types of PAP machines (The CPAPPeople, 2010). These include:   CPAP, APAP or Auto CPAP, and Bi-PAP.

 CPAP – This is the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. Though it is a basic form of the PAP machine, it is capable of delivering air pressure through a mask. The air pressure is given in centimeters of water pressure (cm/h2o).

APAP – This is the Automatic Positive Airway Pressure. It is also known as Auto Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. One advantage of this machine is that it is capable of adjusting the pressure required by the patient itself.  The other machines use predetermined pressure values which are usually decided during a laboratory sleep study (Polysomnography). This machine uses algorithms that senses subtle changes in breathing and fluctuates throughout the night, automatically adjusting to the patients need at that moment (Walton,2015).

BI-PAP – The BI-PAP or Positive Airway Pressure machine can provide two levels of pressure to the patient. A high pressure air for inspiration and a low pressure air for expiration. This makes breathing comfortable for the patient  because exhalation will not be occurring against a high pressure of the machine. Bi-PAP machines require that physicians monitor how the patient is responding to its use. It can be operated in 3 modules: the spontaneous, the Timed and the Spontaneous/Timed modes.

Characteristics of a Good CPAP Machine

There are important features of a CPAP machine that a patient might want to consider before picking which machine to use.  The following are some of them:

  1. Noise level of the machine – For many people, getting to sleep while there humming appliances around may be a bit difficult. Therefore, it is a good idea for the patient to check the noise level of the machine in order  not to make the inability to get a restful sleep worse.
  2. Humidifier – Many CPAP machine come with this feature that enables patients to breathe moist instead of dry air. This makes the use of CPAP therapy with patients more convenient.  Humidifier is a reservoir of water usually attached directly to the machine ( MatchHealth , 2016).
  3. Heated Tubing – In order for the moisture in the air delivered to the patient not to cool and drop on the face of users, the tube of the machine is provided with elements/coils that keep the temperature constant. Though it might make the appliance cumbersome, it’s worth given a trial.
  4. Voltage Selection – A valuable appliance such as the CPAP machine require proper care especially with the Voltage. It is necessary to operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid damage. Some CPAP machine come with this feature that enable users to select the appropriate Voltage while others do this automatically.
  5. Mask on/off alert – This is a form of safety device that notifies the patient whenever the mask comes off during sleep. Beeps or messages displayed on the LCD might be useful in making the necessary adjustments needed to avoid any incident.
  6. Portability – For individuals that are constantly travelling , a portable machine will be helpful. A bulky  device might not be easy to carry about and the danger of getting damaged is high if it’s not portable.
  7. Data Recording Capacity – The data recorded will help to monitor the progress of the patient with the CPAP therapy. This will also assist the doctor in making any necessary changes where needed. The data are usually recoded include: Sinus rhythm, usage hours, hypopnea levels and leakages.
  8. Ramp – This feature allows beginners to adjust to the pressure of the machine by starting with a lower pressure so that the patient can sleep before the machine returns to a higher level required to keeping the airway open. Patients need not worry over the short period getting to sleep since apneic episodes usually occur after the individual has slept.
  9. Exhalation relief – this feature has several other names such as C-flex, Smartflex or EPR (Exhalation Pressure Relief). Because the high and low pressures provided during inspiration and expiration are more accurate, users are left with a more natural and satisfying feeling.
  10. Mask Selection – Another important feature of the machine is the mask selection. Just as picking the right CPAP machine is important so also is choosing the appropriate mask by the patient. This will ensure that problems such as leakages of the pressurized air, discomfort while using the mask and irritation of the nose are avoided.The different types masks available are: the triangular nasal mask, the full-face mask, the nasal pillow and the hybrid mask. Although individual needs and preferences often determine the choice of mask a patient makes, other factors that are usually considered are facial anatomy, facial hair, whether or not an individual is claustrophobic(ResMed, 2016).

Notable Manufacturers  of CPAP Machines

There are a good number of manufacturers of the manufacturers of the machine today. It is not a bad idea to check the name to see what the manufacturer  has done with its brand of the machine. Some place value on customer’s satisfaction and so strive to provide options that meet their requirements. The followings  are some of the notable ones: ResMED, Respironics, Puritan Bennett, Fisher and Paykel, and Aieomed.

Maintenance of CPAP Machine – All electrical appliances requires proper use and the CPAP machine is no exception. It is nice to always follow the manufacturer’s guide and to contact them when in doubt with the use of the machine. The prescribing physician can also be of help since he would be there to monitor and follow the progress made by the patient.

The equipment needs daily care to ensure a prolonged use. All its components require regular attention. The first thing that needs to be cleaned everyday is the tubing. (Valley Sleep Center,2016).  Rinsing it with warm soapy water and then placing it aside to dry will do it a lot of good. In addition, the water chamber should be also be rinsed daily.

The mask should also be given care everyday to remove the oil and other particles that might have settled on it. This routine checks will also ensure that any faults are detected quickly and adequate safety steps are taken.

Possible Side-effects of CPAP Machines and How to Minimize Them – Patients often complain of nasal congestion, nose irritation, and rhinitis. Dry, stuffy nose could be avoided through the use of a humidifier. Using a nasal saline spray at bedtime can also bring relief (Mayoclinic,2014). Consulting a sleep physician will also be helpful.

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