The Portable Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner for Frequent Travelers

  • Time saving
  • Warranty
  • Price



  • Price! Virtuclean is cheaper than SoClean. You can check it here
  • Portability
  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery
  • No maintenance needed
  • Virtually no sound.


The sanitization cycle is not long enough (just 30 minutes). This renders it a bit unsuitable for use in highly sanitized environments like ICUs in hospitals.

Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner is a compact and lightweight sanitizer for CPAP breathing machinees. It cleans the machine using activated oxygen (ozone) instead of chemicals or soap solutions.

Although the Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner costs a good amount of money it is value for money. The sanitizer will keep your CPAP machine always free of disease-causing microscopic organisms.

Using a CPAP machine that is not sanitized will lead to respiratory diseases; resulting in chest congestion, sore through, persistent dry cough, bronchitis, pneumonia and other debilitating conditions.

Key Features of Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner

The sanitizer has some amazing features:

  • The cleaning cycle is automatic,
  • The ozone process kills 99.99% germs within half an hour,
  • It has a long-lasting battery (10 hours of continuous usage),
  • It is a noiseless machine,
  • It is very light and small,
  • It is zero-maintenance equipment.

Technical Specification of Virtuclean

The Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner is the most compact sanitizer in the market at present. Yet, it is designed to maintain your CPAP machine, tubing and CPAP Mask completely free of harmful microorganisms. These are the technical specifications:

  1. Compact size, measuring 4.6” length x 2.5” width,
  2. Weighs less than a quarter kilo (.5 lbs)
  3. Doesn’t require pre-wash before the sanitization cycle,
  4. Doesn’t need replacement kits
  5. Doesn’t require adapter.
  6. It takes just 2 hours to charge the battery,
  7. It has one and half year warranty.

Small size and efficiency are the two main plus points of this sanitizer.

Being compact in size the Virtuclean is most suited for personal use. The sanitizer is not covered by insurance schemes and will cost you a large amount of money.

The size actually poses a problem. The cleaning process is incomplete with just one cycle. If you connect the sanitizer at the CPAP machine end then the interior of the CPAP will not be sanitized. And if you attach the cleaner to the mask end, then the mask itself will not be sanitized.

So you have to reverse the connection and run two cleaning cycles of 30 minutes each to complete one sanitization process. Or most times you will have to wash the mask by hand and sanitize only the reservoir. This defeats the purpose of purchasing a sanitizer.

According to user reviews, during and after a cycle there is a strong ozone smell in the room. The equipment is not suitable for those who are prone to sinusitis or asthma. The lingering smell would produce an allergic reaction.

Virtuclean VS SoClean: What’s The Difference?

Despite the fact that the VirtuClean and SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaners have the same rate of efficiency (99.99% elimination of germs), they differ in the following ways:

CategoryVirtuclean Soclean 2
Weight0.5 lbs5.6 lbs
Dimensions4.6” length x 2.5” width7.5” length x 6.5” width
Number of cycles2 cycles to sanitize all parts of the CPAP1 cycle for complete sanitization
Pre-Wash of CPAP machineNot necessaryNeeds pre-wash of mask, tubing and reservoir.
Full cycle time1 hour (2 cycles of 30mins each)2 hours (1 cycle)
PortabilityExcellentReasonable good
User guideA little ambiguousVery clear, diagrammatic instruction manual
Ease of operationSemi automatic(You have to reverse the connection after one cycle)Fully automated
Replacement kitNo replacement kits neededFilter and check valve kits have to be replaced every 6 months.
AdapterNo adapter for heated hoseHas adapter for heated hose
Warranty18 months12 months

To conclude:

The entire cycle of sanitization (from generation of ozone to conversion of ozone into regular oxygen) takes place within half an hour in the Virtuclean CPAP Cleaner. The equipment has the distinct advantage of being the smallest and still generates a 99.99% germ-free environment. Hence, it is just right for home use and for frequent travelers.

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