There is no doubt that if you wish to ensure your sleep therapy is most effective, you must be diligent in keeping your CPAP device and its tubing sparkling clean.

Of course, there are many ways of doing this daily.

Nevertheless, the easiest and most effective way of doing this is by using a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

Sleep8 Eliminates 99% of Pathogens

my sleep8 cpap cleaner

Using these excellent device, you will be sure to eliminate at least 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria from your equipment.

Moreover, you will do this automatically.

Of course, you may already have a little knowledge about the Lumin and SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

There is, however, a brand new entrant in the fray.

It is known as the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner.

Yes, Sleep8 happens to be the newest and latest travel CPAP cleaner and sanitizer to come to the market.

Yet, you may wonder:

How does the Sleep8 cleaner and sanitizer really work?

How to Use the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

It is essential to learn precisely how the Sleep8 device works.

Notably, from the beginning, the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer was deliberately designed to offer simplicity and ease of use.

To use it as recommended, you only need to unplug the CPAP tube from the BiPAP or CPAP machine.

Next, reattach it, inside the bag, into the universal port. Lastly, place the CPAP mask and its hose inside the bag before you seal it.

The Sleep8 works superbly.

It is capable of cleaning, sterilizing, and sanitizing the CPAP equipment using activated oxygen.

Slee8 does not use water.

Moreover, Sleep8 utilizes the Ozone cleaning technique to disinfect the equipment, eliminate the breeding ground for the mold, germs, and other contaminants.

Notably, most other models of CPAP cleaning equipment usually use fans, and pressurized air pumps to clean the devices.

Sleep8 is typically silent.

Moreover, it has some special in-built safety features.

These include the safety shut-off, which prevents the unit from working when the device is not correctly connected.

Moreover, it features the one-way flapper valves.

Many victims of the sleep apnea condition usually ask some pertinent questions with regards to the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

Let us discuss a few of these.

Can the Sleep8 Work Well with My Mask or Machines?


The Sleep8 cleaner works with all masks.

It also works well with both the heated and non-heated tubing, humidifier chamber, and headgear.

Using Sleep8, you will not need any special connectors or adapters. Just put the equipment in the sanitizing bag. Then press start.

You can be sure that the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer will kill 99% of the germs and bacteria that usually bother you.

The Sleep8 is usually a handheld device.

How Long Does a Cycle Take to Complete ?

Once you hit the start button, a full sanitization cycle will take approximately one hour.  When the cycle is complete, the Sleep8 device will automatically turn itself off.

How Can I Charge the Sleep8 Device Battery?


Just plug in the Sleep8 using a micro USB charger. The device will instantly start the charging process.

It will take 90 minutes for the device to charge fully.

Usually, every charge will last for two cleaning cycles.

Sleep8 is portable, small, and lightweight.

The celebrated CPAP cleaning and sanitizing device is legendary for taking this task right onto the road.

Can I travel with My Sleep8 Device?

Well, as noted, Sleep8 is a small, lightweight device that is waterless and cordless.

If you want a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer that is a perfect traveling companion, just go for Sleep8.

You may pack it nicely into your carry-on or suitcase.

Does it have a Warranty?

The Sleep8 cleaner and sanitizer comes complete with a device warranty that lasts for18 months.

The charger warranty lasts 12-months, and the bag comes with a 3-month warranty.

The replacement parts are generally available at most CPAP shops.

Remarkably, Sleep8 is well recognized as an innovative and revolutionary CPAP cleaning device. With this equipment, you will get all the necessary items that you would expect in any BiPAP, APAP, or CPAP device.

Using Sleep8, you can conveniently sanitize the mask itself, the non-heated tubing, and the equipment’s water chamber. Indeed, you can sanitize these items at once and still enjoy a pure, clean oxygen- therapy session.

The Sleep8 device comes complete with a larger sized bag. Here, in the bag, you may insert all the CPAP accessories as you wish, for sanitizing. It is, however, recommended to change this bag, once every three months regularly.

Parts and Components of Sleep8

When you buy the Sleep8 sanitation device, you will get the following components:

The Sanitizing Filter Bag

1 micro USB charger:

This works for a faster and easier charging even while on- the- go. Keep in mind that Sleep8 uses ozone to sterilize all the CPAP accessories.

Sleep8 is a small, compact, and stylish device that is a perfect kit for carrying along on your regular travels.

Thus, you can always maintain all your CPAP accessories, keeping them clean and sanitized even without using harsh chemicals and detergents.

No Adapters or Special Connections

Happily, Sleep8 works with all models of CPAP Machines.


Sleep8 has no special connections or adapters.

You can always use it with any kind of a CPAP machine since with the device; you do not have to attach the kit to your device directly. Instead, you simply need to fix your humidifier chamber, heated or non-heated tubing, and your CPAP headgear and mask into the Filter sanitizer bag, then press start, and it is ready to go.

Sleep8 Advantages

Superb User Design

Sleep8 features an incredibly user-friendly design.

As noted, using this device, you have no need for special adapters since the port, found inside the bag, fits into all types of electric diagnostic hoses, heated hoses, and standard PAP hoses.

Easy operation

Sleep8 offers a fast, safe, and efficient cleaning and sanitation process. It has an incredibly user-friendly design and perfect operation.

It helps you be rid of all bacteria, viruses, and harmful mold that may be inside the mask, tubing, or other parts of CPAP accessories.

Quiet Cleaning Process

Most of the former cleaning and sanitation devices typically produced lots of noise.

Sleep8 is, nevertheless, extremely quiet.

This means you can use the device in different environments.

Moreover, Sleep8 perfectly cleans and sanitizes all types of tubing systems and masks.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, it is always essential to keep your CPAP equipment clean and properly sanitized.

Although there are many CPAP cleaners available on the market, you should be careful about the best CPAP device that will suit your needs.

Make sure you choose the right device.

One of the best and perfect choices for this kind of job is the new Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

Happily, using the new Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer, you are guaranteed to enjoy a clean and healthy therapy at all times.

Choose the new Sleep8 device for the best and most efficient deal.

I graduated from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine a while back. My previous work station was at the HFHS. The institution is better known as the Henry Ford Health System. While there, I served diligently, working as a professional sleep consultant.

  1. The FDA hasn’t approved these devices as safe. Is there concern that the residue left from the machine can damage the respiratory system?

  2. My sleep 8 is beeping and showing and error when I push the blue button, is shows O3X, please advise

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