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Has it ever struck you? Well, isn’t it amazing that the is a pretty clean website compared to many others? Yes, we do not have any banners here, neither do we entertain those annoying pop-ups that everyone secretly hates! How does this help? We want to maintain a superb and most enjoyable user -experience. Yes, we want to keep our user experience at its best and most pleasurable.

How many of us love it when we are deeply engrossed in reading some exciting post or such other information then, suddenly, the pestilent pop-ups are all over the screen? It is terribly annoying, of course. Such unwelcome pop-ups are typically notorious for coming up every time we are busy scrolling down the pages.

You will genuinely ask, keeping those adverts away, how does our website survive? Well, we prefer to be honest: Our primary source of revenue comes through affiliate advertising. We happen to be part of the multiple affiliate advertising program. We, therefore, earn some advertising fees courtesy of our links to a few major websites. These include Amazon.

This means that when you click the links to check the CPAP equipment prices or that of other products, you are directed to a reputable seller. This conveniently allows you to compare and pick the best deal. Once you purchase a product through these links, we get a small commission.

Of course, it does not cost you a penny. This is what is called a referral fee.

When you click these links and purchase a CPAP machine, you also help us to keep publishing the hugely beneficial tips, reviews, and buyers guides. Remember that we usually recommend only the type of products that we believe in. We do not get compensation for recommending any product. This means we don’t accept any sponsored posts as well.

You may not like a few products that we recommend. This is especially true if your brand aspiration and skill levels don’t align. For this reason, always be prepared to carry out your due diligence. Only then should you go ahead and purchase a particular product.

At, we are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is a type of affiliate advertising program that offers website owners the means to earn some advertising fees by linking to and advertising in other ways. We also link to other websites that may be affiliates of the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

The Mission of CPAPGuide

Here, at the, we consider it our duty to diligently sift through lots of updates from blogs, magazines, retailers, and plenty of other sources. This gives us a rich repository from which we can handpick the very best products to benefit our consumers. 

Yes, we are here to help you sleep well and stay healthy!